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Our current voting system is called the "plurality system." In this system, each person votes for one candidate as their top choice. This system, while simple and familiar, has many adverse effects such as keeping political systems locked in a two-party duopoly, and strategic voting problems such as the so-called "spoiler effect."

The problem is that many of a voter's preferences aren't taken into account in the plurality system. The solution is to switch to a system in which the voter's preferences *are* taken into account, by allowing the voters to vote for more than one candidate, or to rank their candidates in order of preference. Many systems exist for this, such as approval voting, condorcet voting, instant runoff voting, and so on.

This community is for the discussion and advocacy of such voting system reforms. Topics can range from informing people about the existance of alternate voting systems to discussion on the intricate mathematical nuances of social choice theory. From arguing the pros and cons of different kinds of voting systems to information and news on voting-reform activism in the community, country and the world.

Basically, there should be something here for everyone interested in seeing the two-party duopoly broken up, "lesser of two evils" votes become a thing of the past, and voters' true preferences represented in politics.

Also of interest to this community are other topics involving voting reform such as proportional representation, the electoral system, electronic voting, direct democracy, ways to fix corruption in the voting system, and so on.

This community is open-membership and open-posting. Debate and discussion are welcome. Trolling and harassment are not. Completely off-topic entries are strongly discouraged, and may be deleted at the community maintainer's discretion.

Web sites of interest:
Federal Elections Commission -- learn how the legalities of our current system work first! (in the US)
The Center for Voting and Democracy -- probably the strongest voting reform movement today. They advocate proportional representation and Instant Runoff Voting, and do a lot of organization and activism for the cause.
Citizens for Approval Voting
ElectionMethods.org -- this site makes a good argument for the theoretical merits of Condorcet voting, and some of the flaws with IRV.
Types of Voting Systems (from the Proportional Representation Library) -- This site does a good job describing different systems, including Proportional Representation, used for multi-seat races (such as electing representatives) as opposed to single-winner elections (such as electing the president).
Open Directory listing for Voting Systems -- *tons* of great links here.
Ranked-ballot voting methods -- descriptions of many lesser-known methods for counting up ranked ballots.

Mailing lists:
Instant Runoff Initiative
(CVD also has a lot of local lists on their link page ... scroll down to "Email listservs")
Election Methods email list

Feel free to suggest any more links and resources to list in this info!

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