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Fri, Jan. 5th, 2007, 03:31 am
jeanniedean: VIDEO THE VOTE TO HEADLINE forum on voting machines in D.C.--Sarasota footage featured!

I'm so happy to find you!~My name is Jeannie Dean, and I have been covering the 18,412 undervote in Sarasota County's District 13, Florida, since Election Day as citizen volunteer for VIDEO THE VOTE. My partner, Leonard Schmiege and I have taken pains to get the whole Florida Fraud, part 2, on film. I was looking for an LJ community that might give a shit.

VIDEO THE VOTE just finished cutting their first promo from all of the video submitted by their numerous citizen volunteers all over the country. It is stunningly well-framed and respectfully edited; perhaps the only piece I've seen yet that has given thousands of disenfranchised voters a voice; long overdue. What a great project to be a part of...

I am particularly honored and proud that they have focused so much of this promo on the 18, 412 missing votes here in Sarasota County, Florida. The last half of the short film is mostly the footage Leonard and I submitted. John Ennis/ VTV were so graceful and respectful with it.

I'm also THRILLED that John managed to slip in the BEST of my partner Leonard's footage of Kathy Dent's (our dubious Supervisor of Elections) press conference meltdown. I hadn't seen it from his angle (I was in the back of the room standing on a chair holding my camera up high and dragging my extention cord and power-strips; swinging them mid-air, mid-thigh. (And plugs as pendulums can give a girl some bruises!)

That great Kathy Dent Press conference scene from Leonard's perfect angle, with his perfect audio and his perfect tripod-ded, hummin', HiDEF camera he's still got out on loan from BEST BUY...? OH, I could watch that one again and again! What a knee-slapping horror story this whole thing is!...

My favorite interview that I got was with Phil the Cab Driver on the first day, trying to help me find the S.O.E. warehouse location as he detailed the problems he had voting on ES&S's iVotronic touchscreen machines. John Ennis lovingly included him.

The whole piece is exactly what was needed. I didn't know about even half the things it highlights, and I filmed half the things it highlights!

All comments/ questions much appreciated.
Thank you. I am friending this community, if you don't mind--
Jeannie Dean in District 13

(for broad overview of the missing 18,000 votes in Sarasota County since Nov. 7th, 2006 visit
or from Ohio and the rest of the country @

(URL SOURCE YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od28M5RnOMI)

Sun, Jan. 21st, 2007 03:23 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): Lost Votes

Don't give up hope. I live in Carteret County, NC where we "lost" 4,438 votes in '02. I joined up with NCVV early on and this grassroots effort resulted in Voter Verifiable Paper Ballots for North Carolina. Keep the pressure on. Paper Ballots are the ONLY way to go! Even in our most recent elections we had problems with our voting results and after a machine recount(optical scanners) we had a hand/eye recount which finally decided one race by only 3 votes. Thank goodness and all the folks who labored to get our voting bill through the state legislature. It took a lot of time and effort on the part of a few but everyone benefits. Joyce McCloy of NCVOTER is a true folk hero. ncvoter.net

Congrats on your film and efforts to ensure verifiable voting.